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Rockwell Risk Advisors, LLC

About Us

Peter Laurens--Founder and CEO

Peter Laurens is Founder and CEO of Rockwell Risk Advisors, LLC. He is recognized as a leading expert in emerging and frontier markets investment risk management, and is a highly-ranked public speaker, conference chair and published author on topics of current relevance in international finance. These topics include: business and investment risk in EEMEA countries; OTC derivatives risk management; fair-value accounting for emerging markets assets; optimizing product control; liquidity and collateral management; and portfolio software systems implementation. He advises on investment banking deal origination in EEMEA countries, and provides global macro analysis and highly granular reports on business risk on a select number of those countries.

Mr. Laurens has worked in investment management since 2000. Prior to founding Rockwell Risk Advisors, he was Associate Director of FH International Asset Management, LLC, a U.S.-based emerging and frontier markets fixed-income investment advisory, where he directed all trading operations, internal accounting and product control, ensuring accurate P&L attribution analysis and Net Asset Value (NAV) production. His development of proprietary models for total return swaps and margin call preemption facilitated the reconciliation of counterparty valuations and prevented cash shortfalls. Mr. Laurens also led the implementation of FH's trading software system, increasing redundancy and operational efficiency. Previously, he worked in structured finance credit analysis at Carlson Investment Management, LLC.

His professional skills and experience lend themselves particularly well to the provision of risk management advice for participants in the alternative investment industry such as EEMEA investors, third-party service providers, management consultants, and investment managers facing operational challenges. Mr. Laurens holds a Master's in International Finance and Business from Columbia University. He has also attended New York University and Princeton University.